Saturday, February 12, 2011

Results of Sewing

I was right. There is still enough washing and cleaning to keep me busy until … forever, but I managed to have a fairly productive day between the sewing machine and the ironing board.

I started with a very easy project. I bought some gorgeous tea towels on a trip back to Dunedin, New Zealand, last year and wanted to do something with these other than dry dishes. I measured one up again a pillow and the match was perfect so I decided to turn these into cushions. They would make a great addition to our lounge and be very convenient for those long nights in front of Buffy re-runs. All I did was cut two pieces of creme fabric, each a little over half of the length because I wanted to be able to make a button-up back panel. I surprised myself and even managed to cover my own buttons! Super simple and quick, and very handy for last nights viewing.

I tackled another project that was a little more detailed but not overly tricky. The pieces of the Japanese fabric are not very big so they need to be more of a feature rather than the main piece. I had been inspired by this, this and this as that whole disposable cutlery 'thing' gets to me, and used these as references to come up the dimensions.

I am really happy with the final product and will certainly be making some more. I just wish that I had taken all the measurements as I went because now I'll need to remeasure it all as I would like them all to look similar. 

Back to the cleaning.

Take care.


  1. I would never ave guessed a cutlery holder from the Japanese fabric. Clever idea, and it looks great, the yummy pie too. A while ago I bought some lovely tea towels and kept them for ages with the plan of creating something with them. In the end they became tea towels.

  2. Beautiful cutlery rolls and pillows. There seems to be greater satisfaction in creating than cleaning. And you are right there will always be enough cleaning and washing to last forever. Stick with creating!

  3. Elastic Mon, the tart was delicious and a result of a food parcel from my mother-in-law. She had made is for a lunch they were having and asked it we wanted the leftovers. We jumped at the offer.

    Linn, it felt so good ending the day knowing that I had done something other than cleaning or work. Too often housework comes first. "More sewing" I say.

  4. Much more exciting than cleaning I say. Cushions look great and cutlery holder looks like you should start selling them.

  5. cityhippyfarmgirl, thanks so much. I certainly enjoyed making the cutlery holder as deep down I am a bit of a Maths nerd and I really enjoyed the maths and measuring of it all. Selling? I'll have to think about that.
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  6. Gorgeous cushion covers, I love them! Tea towels are such a perfect memento. I bought some screen printed ones when I went to Melbourne last year, I saw some art I loved and I couldn't afford the framed prints but they also had lovely tea towels. I will have to get creative and do something with them like you have.

  7. Thanks, littlepieceofpie. I also figured that you can never have enough cushion for lounging. I'd love to see what you end up doing with yours.

  8. I love the cushion covers, but particularly the Pavlova one!!

  9. Dixiebelle, I must try to follow the recipe and make one. I love the whole Austrailian/New Zealand rivalry about who invented the pav.


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