Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Green Drinks and a Giveaway

All over the world, generally hidden out of sight, there are groups of people gathering to listen to inspirational speakers sharing their knowledge and experience about sustainability. These events are Green Drinks.

In Perth, Green Drinks take place about four or five times a year. The most recent event sounded like it was going to be amazing, so amazing that this free event booked out before I managed to register.

I had wanted to listen to Rebecca from Plastic Free July talk about how the campaign originated and how they built it to the great success that it is in three years.

Imagine my excitement when I found that some incredibly wonderful person had recorded the talks and put these up for the world to see.

This years focus of PFJ is on reducing the use of takeaway coffee cups with the campaign 'Bring one, get one tree'. To help promote this, I thought I would run a little giveaway. If you would like to be in the running for a Keepcup leave a comment below and tell me one type of plastic (apart from coffee cups/lids) that you could live without in July.  The winner will be selected at random on Sunday 22 June at 8pm AWST so that you can get the cup in time for July. Edit: Thanks for entering, ladies.

If you are interested in having a look at the other talks from the evening, try here and here.

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  1. I have a lovely collection of reusable silicone coffee cups (including one missing a lid which was chewed up by a dingo in the Bungle Bungles) so I really don't need anymore. But this got me thinking... And I think I will be giving up any packaging on our meat this July. I have always thought about taking my own containers to the butchers but never gotten around to making a habit of it. So this July, I shall be! Thanks for the little push. x

    1. Chewed by a dingo! I'm not sure if that is scary or hilarious.
      My local butcher is happy to put meat in my own containers. Let me know how you go. Good luck.

    2. Thanks so much for the keep cup! It will be put to good use. I love my silicone ones too, but it is good to be aware that they are highly attractive to dingos. We had one come back to our camp two nights in a row, they were so much fun to chew! Now I just need to find a way to buy kangaroo meat without the plastic wrapping...

  2. Love a keepcup they're in high rotation here! So much so that they are looking a bit beyond loved. I think we could make some snack bags from Your waxed cloth and reduce our plastic use for muffins and snacks. We've had reusable sandwich wraps for three years now, could never go back. Can't wait to try the cloth, I didn't know about that trick either. Would be good for outdoor bunting too.

    1. Our Keepcups get a lot of use too.
      I haven't used this type of wrap before so feeling pretty excited. We have been using plastic sandwich boxes for years. I think i have had one of the boxes for about 8 years. I was given it as a gift filled with homemade chocolates. Yum.
      Great idea about the bunting.
      Thanks for saying hello.

  3. Love a keep cup. Think we might have a go at your waxed cloth and make some snack bags, we've been using the sandwich bags for years and they are wonderful. The waxing would be great for outdoor bunting too, all new to me as well

  4. I am going to be doing plastic Free July again and now that I have found out we can recycle soft plastics there are far fewer things that end up in the bin. Cling wrap is something I would love to stop buying but we still have it in the house. Thankfully we do not have to pack school lunches so we can make do with containers and shower caps on bowls but sometimes large platters of food need covering and I am yet to find an alternative.
    I have never seen keep cups before but it is something I would use if I had one.

    1. Fiona, can you believe it is July again?
      I know what you mean about the soft plastic. You just can't get away from it but great to know that it is being recycled now.
      I haven't bought cling film now for about 3 years and I really don't miss it. I got sick of buying something that was ending up in the bin after one use. We've also stopped using foil and paper towel and have really learnt to live without it.


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