Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beachcombing Update

We're back.

With just eight hands, one claws and 40 minutes we managed to collect 8 kilograms of litter.

We were all pretty amazed with the sort of litter we collected. There was no surprise with the plastic, takeaway containers and broken fishing gear, but 3 pairs of undies? And yes, that is half a fishing rod poking out of the bag.

With the grabber that I picked up from a hardware store (left), the kiddoes didn't even need prodding to help out. 

Make sure to check out the Two Hands Project, especially with World Oceans Day coming up next week.

Take care


  1. Ewwwwwww! Undies! Just like school swimming lessons, there are always undies floating about with no owners. 8kg of rubbish, that's embarrassing! I couldn't believe it either when we went for a walk after a storm. The amount of cans, sunglasses and such

    1. It was pretty amazing how quickly the bag filled, J. We even found 6 golf balls. Someone out practising their sand shots. Need more practise.

  2. I can't get this out of my head. I think I'm going to take my kiddo and her cousin down to the beach today and do the same.

    1. It would have been gorgeous down there today. How did you go?


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