Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's time to think about the garden

With Summer officially over it is time to start fantasising thinking about the cooler weather ahead. It is hard to imagine when it's tipped to reach 37 today.

The garden beds have been cleaned out and are now ready with new layers of straw, manure and compost.

I have my beds in the front yard for a few reasons.

  • With the chickens out the back, the leafy greens wouldn't stand a chance.
  • The front yard gets much better sun most of the year, although it makes summer growing almost impossible.
  • I encourage the neighbours to help themselves to the excess as the rocket, spinach and silverbeet generally go crazy.
Last year I continued to have a great crop of rocket. I had let the plants go to seed and then harvested the seeds. I did the same at the end of last year ready for that time when the cooler days would come. The seeds have dried out and are just about ready to be planted straight into one of the beds. I'm sure there will be some scorching days in the next few weeks but hopefully these will only be here and there.

I will just scatter the seeds into the bed with some compost and cover with straw. It will pretty much sort itself with a bit of water.

Thanks to cityhippyfarmgirl for mentioning the recent bread post. A big hello to those who have come across via her post.

Once again cityhippyfarmgirl has inspired me to get baking and a foccacia dough is sitting, proving as I type. It's not sourdough but I have promised myself to get it up and running again. 

Take care


  1. We are getting our garden beds ready too as they have been out of action for a few months.

    1. Fiona, we are certainly noticing a change of season over this side. We even had some rain this morning!
      Your place is looking busy as usual. Can't wait to read some more about NZ.


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