Monday, July 29, 2013

Almond Milk Green Smoothie

The cold weather (cold for Perth) has really taken hold lately and, with the recent school holidays, the desire to stay at home snuggled in the warmth of the kitchen, very little exercise has taken place. With mornings just above 0 and rain it has been way too easy to jump in the car for the normally walkable destinations. My trousers have slowly been feeling a little tighter around the waist and leaving the warmth of bed up in the morning was becoming more of a struggle. I explained to Mr Mouse that I was feeling like a blob of playdough.

Today was the day!

With kiddoes off to school, I headed to the beach for a walk. The fresh sea air was exactly what was needed to clear out that wintery feeling.

Last night I was surprisingly organised enough to soak some almonds as I had wanted to make some almond milk. This is something I have tried a few times (inspired by Plastic Free July) and have liked but generally forget to get the almonds on the go the night before.

I followed the steps from here and soaked one cup of almonds overnight.

Soaked on the left

I rinsed the almonds about 12 hours later and added these with 3 cups of water (I find 4 cups too watery) into the blender. With a dash of agave syrup this was blended for about 1 to 2 minutes.

Using a paint straining bag that I bought from the hardware store, I strained out the liquid.

The remaining pulp will be dried and there are numerous recipes out there for how to use the leftover almonds. That's a whole other post.

Almonds milk made!

I'm not a huge fan of the milk on its own but as the base of a smoothie I am sold.

With all of our recent rain, the spinach has gone crazy. Armed with a bunch of the baby leaves, an apple, ice cubes and almonds milk, I was ready for breakfast.

I can feel the wintery brain-fog lifting already.

Take care

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