Sunday, July 17, 2011

Public Transport that Works

While away from home, I always love using public transport, especially in big cities like Hong Kong where a lot of forethought and planning has gone into the whole system. I am from a city where bits are just added as the city gets bigger.

The MTR in Hong Kong in fabulous.

It is used by so many people that the trains run every few minutes which make getting around the city so easy. We have used the public transport every day and feel more and more confident every time we enter a new stations. Also because this form of transport is so popular, the prices are amazingly cheap. In Perth, travelling 3 or 4 stops up the line costs me nearly $4, which doesn't really encourage use. The regularity of trains in incredible too. If you miss one, you really only need to wait for about 3 minutes.

Each of us has an Octopus card and this has allowed us to jump on and off trains, trams and ferries easily.

We even managed to get up The Peak and across to Kowloon using these cards.

I can't really see the need for a car with system that works this well.

Take care

P.S. To those bloggers who I regularly read, I will get back to stopping by to your blogs as soon as I have more regular internet access. I am looking forward to catching up with everything you have been doing in a few weeks.


  1. I *love* public transport and have depended on it all my life. I don't even have a driver's license. My husband does, but we have opted out of having a car. It keeps you fit (without having to go to the dreaded gym) and yes, it can be frustrating, but I also love seeing the sights and having brief but meaningful encounters with strangers on the bus/subway or train.

    In other words, I wouldn't want it any other way :)

    This Good Life

  2. TGL, that is amazing that you never got a license. I admire you.
    When home, we are down to one car but find that the public transport is too unreliable for a family. Perth has a total of 4 train lines and you sometimes need to wait half an hour if you miss the one you want.

  3. we felt the same about the public transit system when we visited San Diego. soo much more relaxing to not have to drive around a big, strange city!


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