Friday, June 10, 2011

No 'Poo is On My Mind

I can't believe it was nearly two years ago that I first read about the No "Poo way of cleaning hair.

Being a child of the 70s and 80s I always though that unless my hair smelled of some exotic fruit from the jungles of a far off tropical isle, it just wasn't clean.

My hair had always been quite fine and oily (I thought) so through my teens it was washed, conditioned, blow-dried and styled just about every day.

As I have got older, the shampoo and conditioner changed to the more expensive brands and the 'product' was only purchased from the salon, as I thought this was all so much better for my hair. Being a everyday consumer, I had never read the ingredients on the back of any of the bottles and shudder to think about the chemicals I have been massaging into my scalp for the last .... (cough) years. What frightens me more really is the impact of the kiddoes.

In the year before going No 'Poo I had pretty much changed to organic products where possible, which I felt was a good compromise.

There was never really an a'ha moment (I know you are all humming "Take On Me"). I just thought "Why not give it a try".

It has been about a year now and I would not go back to chemicals in my hair. I have even stopped colouring it. My hair feels amazingly soft and only needs to be washed twice a week. I have stopped using any sort of product what-so-ever as it feels quite a bit thicker. The amazing difference I have noticed with the kiddoes is the lack of knots. Combing wet hair used to be an Extreme Sport in this house, but not anymore.

There are so many benefits.

  • No more chemicals massaged into the skin.
  • No more irritations from fragrances.
  • No more screams from shampoo in eyes.
  • No need to worry about animal testing.
  • No more chemicals down the drain.
  • Nowhere near as many empty bottles as I buy bicarb in bulk. I take my own jars and pay between $2 and $3 a kilo. I just need to find a place where I can buy Apple Cider Vinegar in bulk.
  • The money we have saved.
One down-side is that I wouldn't travel overseas with a little container of white powder in my luggage. I think that could raise a few eyebrows.

Thanks for joining me with On My Mind.

Take care


  1. I've tried this a few times. I can't seem to get the hang of it. I have a good friend who does this, and her hair is freaking awesome! I think I'm going to try again tonight. You've inspired me!

  2. Hi, I happen to be on day four of 'no poo'. I am still waiting to go through the really oily it gonna happen?? My hair is a little dry still, I realised that I was just washing out all the good natural oils and replacing it with a tone of conditioner. Thanks for your post- I found you through down to earth :)

  3. thanks, I didn't know about this! I have been using organic shampoo (as mentioned in, and only once a week, and even that has made a huge difference to my hair - not as dry, no split ends. I have been unhappy with the amount of chemicals and processing and waste even from organic products, so I'm keep to try this. For travel, could you make up the paste in a bottle and take that? I take my shampoo in a small bottle anyway, so it would be the same kind of thing. Also could you add a little lavender oil to the paste to make it smell nice? can't wait to try it now!

  4. Oooo, now you are the second of 'my blogs' to post this week about the "no poo". Maybe the push I needed. I'm a little nervous of having a grease bucket head... Did it take awhile for your hair to adjust?

  5. I'm with you Bruise Mouse, I stopped colouring two years ago (I'm 56) and I can't believe how much better the condition of my hair is! I haven't gone completely no poo but I do use a herbal organic shampoo -- I may try your method in the warmer weather.

  6. Honestly Good Food, that's great that you will try again. I love it. I know that I tried it once with a different brand of bi carb and it felt awful. Make sure to let us all know how you go with it.

    Mamie Girl, I never really found my hair went oily. I had also read that my hair would take a while to get used to the bi carb but I never had that problem. I agree with you regarding the washing out natural oils and replacing with chemicals. Crazy.

    Farmer Liz, I think you are right with mixing it up before going away. I would love to hear about how you go with this. I have heard you can even use the bi carb as an exfoliant on your face.

    CHFG, it is a sign! I remember waiting for my hair to go a bit yuck, but it never really happened. Make sure to have a beanie ready just in case.

    Rose, there is no way I would have picked you for 56!
    It is scary what colouring can do to hair.

  7. Interesting, have never heard of this...Does it detangle like conditioner though? My girls always complain when I brush their knotty hair, conditioner seems to keep it smooth.

  8. Gooseberry, it works differently. The vinegar doesn't really work like a commercial detangler but the bi card doesn't really make the hair tangled. I would certainly try it though. It is strange getting used to the lack of bubbles from the shampoo. I wish I had known about this when my daughter was younger as we had awful trouble with knots. I think back and am annoyed with myself as I have no idea what is put in detanglers to make them work.

  9. unfortunately, my last experiment with this ended after a week, and my hair felt increasingly yuck, yuck, and YUCK. I was mixing water with the bicarb tho', so I'll next try your method of adding it dry to my hair. I still think the idea has merit, so thanks for the encouragement, Bruise Mouse!

  10. Dmarie, shame about the last time. I do mix the bicarb with water. I don't do it in dry hair. I take a plastic cup with a good spoonful in the bottom into the shower with me. I add about 1/2 a cup of water and dilute it, then massage it through.
    I know it may sound silly, but try a different brand of bi carb. I tried a generic brand for a few days and it felt awful. I wouldn't have thought there could be a difference but there certainly was. I kept the super cheap one for cleaning around the house. Good luck.

  11. happy to say I'm a week in, and no reason for a very large beanie just yet either!

  12. CHFG, yah! So glad you are giving it a go. : )

  13. Good on you. I haven't used shampoo or anything on my hair for more than 3 years. i just wash it a few times a week with water while showering. I use Bi-Carb instead of toothpaste.


  14. Hi Barb. It is amazing how good hair can feel without shampoo and conditioner. Nature has given us our own conditioner - oil!
    I have tried bi-carb a couple of times as toothpaste. It felt a little too harsh for me. Maybe I'm just too much of a woos. : )

  15. I am a Bicarb and Apple Cider Vinegar girl too. Works a treat. Visting from cityhippyfarmgirl. Pleased to find you x

  16. MultipleMum, glad you found me and stopped by. I love no poo but am having trouble finding large quantities of bicarb while we are living in Germany. That is my next quest.


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